Monthly Archives: February 2015

argus cycle race

I have challenged one of my female patients to beat her at the argus cycle race. she broke her ankle which I fixed and has arthritis in her big toe which I performed a microfracture on. She has bet me French wine that she will beat me. What I didnt know is that she is a Ironman and her slowest time for the Argus is 3 hours 15 minute, while my fastest time is 3 hours 34 minutes and I had more time to train then. think I am in trouble, but stay tuned and find out the outcome in 2 weeks

zimmer ankle replacement

I have just performed my 5th Zimmer ankle replacement in Cape Town and still remain the only surgeon on the African continent to have performed any. I still have 4 more Zimmer ankle replacements booked and am really happy with the reults so far. I feel like I am getting consistently better results and more perfect surgical technique. The patient seem to have less pain and are recovering quicker.