Cape Ballet Company

2 Months ago, I operated on a principle ballerina’s foot. It was a major reconstruction as she had arthritis in an important joint in her foot and was having extreme pain while dancing. She has now gone back to training and preparing for a ballet tour and show next month, I am so happy for… Read More »

Amazing Horse riding redhead

Some patients exceed all expectations. At 3 weeks after a ankle ligament reconstruction she got lifted onto her horse with baggy socks and no stirrups and went for a ride. at 3 months she is jumping fences. Now next month she has entered a 10km trail ride, I’m so proud of her. With a positive… Read More »

Patients experience of ICU

ICU – IMPRESSIONS OF MY FIVE DAYS THERE   A capsule of pain and fear, or an airlock Waiting for travellers to pass through to a place they’re loath to enter? Are there those among us who can bring them back? Across the way in a darkened room, A man struggles to bring his pulse… Read More »

argus cycle race

I have challenged one of my female patients to beat her at the argus cycle race. she broke her ankle which I fixed and has arthritis in her big toe which I performed a microfracture on. She has bet me French wine that she will beat me. What I didnt know is that she is… Read More »

zimmer ankle replacement

I have just performed my 5th Zimmer ankle replacement in Cape Town and still remain the only surgeon on the African continent to have performed any. I still have 4 more Zimmer ankle replacements booked and am really happy with the reults so far. I feel like I am getting consistently better results and more… Read More »

Total Ankle Replacement

I have just performed the 3rd  Zimmer total ankle replacement in Africa on a 24 year old. I am currently the only surgeon using the zimmer total ankle replacement system in Africa and am having excellent results and am happy with the system which uses a frame and goes through the side of the ankle… Read More »

The Jailbreak triathlon

I Just want to congratulate 2 of my patients who competed in the jailbreak triathlon. One who broke his clavicle/collar bone 2 months ago and did really well in the competition. And another patient who came second in the event who had a foot operation a year ago. Well done to both of you.

New Ankle Replacement

Zimmer has launched a new ankle replacement in South Africa. I am now the first person in Africa to have performed this ankle replacement. I am so impressed with the ankle replacement, the way you can insert it perfectly and how little damage is done to the ankle joint.This speeds up recovery and gives a… Read More »

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We will keep you updated with company and industry news so please come back and visit us again soon!